Monday, January 4, 2010

This would represent # two of my following the inspector writings. Some time has passed since my last post, this was caused by a couple of contributing factors. One being my computer skills and the other being the fact that the inspection business tends to slow down some what this time of year.
January 4th 2010 and have just finished my first inspection of the year. Two inspections were booked for today but as you will come to see cancellations in this game are the norm.
This Haliburton home proved rather uneventful, which is what everyone involved would consider a great inspection. Exterior work is very hit and miss this time of year simply due to the accessibility, which means SNOW. I chose to go on the roof of this split level home because the top of the chimney did not look just right. As I reached the top of the TV antenna I stepped onto the roof and plowed through the 20 inches or so of snow, taking great care as I placed each step to ensure there was something that felt like a sound footing. Reaching the chimney it was clear that it was no longer in use due to the fact that it was packed with snow, as I walked the ridge of the roof the hoar frost was starting to form on the plumbing vent pipe.The pipe was sized adequately so there was no concern of the warm, moist sewer gases being able to form an ice plug ( or cap) over the opening of the 2.5 inch ABS pipe that protruded through the roofing.
We will stay with the plumbing for a minute as this was the system that had the only major concern during the inspection today. This is a very common problem that arises with rural plumbing, and this time the component proudly displayed the tradesman's company sticker. (ouch) The Ontario Plumbing Code suggests that any time we have a vessel that is under pressure such as a Hot Water Tank, or a boiler's expansion tank or in this case a well pump's pressure tank they need to have a mechanisum that will open to relieve a pressure build up, should there be one. This is a simple $40 valve that i would say is missed on easily 75% of the pressure ( or cushion) tanks that I look at, so, my question to you is WHY ?
dangerous hell ya
cheap to buy hell ya
easy to install hell ya
should the home owner care hell yes !

thanks for checking this out
love where you live and take good care of it

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